Hello, World! This is Nada.

I am a JavaScript developer based in France (Nantes) 🇫🇷

I love working with Nuxt.js, Vue.js, NativeScript and Figma 🎨

Ping me if you need help (or just wanna' chat) 🤖

I have worked with the following teams

I spend most of my time building front-end interfaces with Vue.js & Nuxt.js 🖖
Take a look at my work below:

A famous french newspaper about sports.L'Équipe
A famous french newspaper about golf.Journal du Golf
A real estate agency in France. Designed with Nuxt.QUARTUS Résidentiel
Handy Vue components to craft dark interfaces that the insomniac among us will love.Vue Dark Mode (Open Source)

I also share my knowledge about JavaScript, Vue, Nuxt and Accessibility. 💃
 You can read my articles on Telerik and Medium 📖

What You Should Know about Code-Splitting with Nuxt.js

Learn how code-splitting works in Nuxt, why you should care and how you can implement it in your Vue apps.

How to build a TWA Android app out of your Nuxt.js PWA

Did you know that you can package your progressive web app (PWA) in an Android app and publish it on the Google Play Store? Well, you can. This way, mobile users will be able to find it and download it, and everything will behave like in a native application.

My Favorite 15 Tailwind CSS Plugins and Resources

Tailwind CSS makes styling and designing responsive pages easy. Check out the top 15 Tailwind CSS plugins and resources you need to know about if you are planning to try it out (or if you're already using it).

Translating Design into Code: Why is it so Hard? And How Can You Optimize it?

How can you bridge the gap between development and design to create the best app possible? Follow this guide for some tips to optimize the way design and development teams can collaborate.

10 Tailwind CSS tips to boost your productivity

I like Tailwind for two reasons. First, it makes building responsive interfaces so much easier. When you master all the utility classes, you really will be amazed at how fast you can adjust your UI elements from one interface to another.

How to use CSS Scroll Snap

The idea of only needing CSS to customize your scroll instead of playing with JavaScript sounds great, doesn’t it? Today, I’m going to show you how CSS Scroll Snap helps you do just that.

The ultimate guide to iframes

The iframe element (short for inline frame) is probably among the oldest HTML tags. I believe that their bad reputation should not prevent you from relying on them. They have many legitimate uses cases.

7 VS Code Productivity Hacks & 17 Extensions that Will Change Your Life

These top tips and tricks will help you dramatically increase your productivity while coding in Visual Studio Code.

Everything You Should Know About Filters in Vue

In this post, we will go through everything you need to know about Vue.js filters, from how to use them in your Vue.js application to how to create your own filters.

20 Nuxt Modules (with Tips) to Increase Your Productivity and Build Web Apps Faster

The Nuxt community has come up with a lot of handy modules for common features that we always have to implement in a web application.

10 Good Practices for Building and Maintaining Large Vue.js Projects

Here are the top best practices I've developed while working on Vue projects with a large code base. These tips will help you develop more efficient code that is easier to maintain and share.

15 Must-Have Vue Directives That Will Significantly Maximize Your Productivity

These are my favorite Vue.js custom directives. It’s incredible how much time they saved me on my projects.

Accessibility Case Studies

It's critical to implement accessibility the right way from the start. In these case studies, we can learn from how other companies have succeeded (or not) and how we can do it better ourselves.

Types of Disabilities and User Experience

For technology to lower barriers for people with disabilities, accessibility must be built into the user experience. To understand accessibility, we'll discuss different types of disabilities, and how they can affect the user experience.

All You Need to Know About Slots in Vue.js

Learn everything you need to know about using slots in Vue.js to create customizable, reusable components for your apps.

10 Time-Saving CSS Tips I Learned the Hard Way When Using Sass

These top 10 CSS best practices will help you save time and collaborate better with your team.

10 Tips to Increase your Productivity when Coding in Vue.js

Check out the top 10 tips that helped increase my productivity when developing apps with Vue.js. Share your own favorite tip in the comments.

Vue.js - How to Build Your First Package & Publish It on NPM

We'll learn how to make our own plugin for Vue.js, and distribute it on NPM for everyone to use.

How to fetch content from Prismic with using Nuxt.js

Using a headless CMS instead of creating your own is always a better option, this article explains how you can use Prismic in your Nuxt.js application.

My Favorite Vue.js & Nuxt.js packages for 2019

Our lives as developers would just not be the same without open-source packages. Here is a list of my favorite Vue.js and Nuxt.js packages. Enjoy and share!

I am also the co-author of the eBook: Accessibility for Web Developers. 👩‍🏫
It is time to make your interface accessible to everyone. 🎉

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