Hello, World! This is Nada.

I am a JavaScript developer based in France (Nantes) 🇫🇷

I love working with Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Prismic and Sketch 🎨

Ping me if you need help (or just wanna' chat) 🤖

I spend most of my time building front-end interfaces with Vues.js 🖖

When I have time, I also work on Growth Bunker,

a platform that helps Marketers grow their business 💸

Growth Bunker provides marketers with easy to implement experiments and the tools that they need.www.growthbunker.com
A minimalist dark design system for Vue.js. It includes base components to craft dark interfaces that the insomniac among us will love.www.vuedarkmode.com

How to fetch content from Prismic with using Nuxt.js

Using a headless CMS instead of creating your own is always a better option, this article explains how you can use Prismic in your Nuxt.js application.

My Favorite Vue.js & Nuxt.js packages for 2019

Our lives as developers would just not be the same without open-source packages. Here is a list of my favorite Vue.js and Nuxt.js packages. Enjoy and share!

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